Monday, April 25, 2011

Second Hat!

I got off work a couple hours early today so I high tailed it straight for BRK where I picked out a couple skeins of Cascade 220, wound it up, cast on and took off on my first multi colored hat!  My Second Hat!

This is a free pattern I found on Ravelry by Jared Flood. I like the style and the subtle color changes look like a good first go at a bit of color work!

After I finished the ribbing I started an increase row and rather than make a new stitch every 12 stitches I messed up and KFB the 13th stitch. Well this gave me some practice ripping out this row and starting over making a brand new stitch after every 12th one :) Thanks a bunch to Karin and Susie for helping me get it all sorted out!

After the increases I transferred from 5 to 7 needles and off I went with my first color change. I was still a little unclear as to how to "carry" the second color, but I think I got it right so far.

Looking forward to seeing if this one comes out looking like the pattern lol!

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