Friday, April 15, 2011

The Power of Knitting!

Today after work I stopped by BRK and had a great time talking knitting and working on Maxx's hat.

I'm really starting to get comfortable with the circular needles and feeling like the hat is starting to take shape! Its's really very exciting!!!

What a great ending to a tough week of work! Sitting in the yarn shop knitting away chatting about knitting and other things was a surprisingly relaxing way to wind down the week and clear my mind to prepare myself to enjoy the weekend!

Who would have ever thought knitting would have such a powerful effect on a person! If you have ever thought you might like to try it I suggest you go out and try it right away you will have a blast!

Believe me if you had told me I would be having this much fun I would never have believed it, now I can't seem to get enough!!!

Speaking of the weekend, tomorrow Im heading to The Greencastle Fiber Festival! I think this is going to be really fun and I should have some video to share with you all when I get back tomorrow, so until then, have a great weekend!!!

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