Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nomad Yarns, Greencastle and my Alpha Boo!

What a great day of knitting fun I have had!

First my friend Sue came and picked me up in her awesome little Mini! We headed to The Fiber Event at Greencastle and wow was that fun! I was so overwhelmed by it all I completely forgot to take any video or photos like I had planned!

There were sheep and angora rabbits all over the place there was yarn  fiber and BOOKS and more things than I could ever imagine, a lady MADE me eat some homemade fudge! Oh it was delicious!

It was great fun seeing how the yarn made its way from Sheep to Skein!

Then on our way back to Indy we spotted Nomad Yarns, in Plainfield, In., let me tell you this place was amazing! The interior was simply beautiful! The selection was amazing! It was all I could do to get out of there with my wallet!

So next time you happen to be passing through Plainfield I would highly suggest stopping in and having a look around this shop is a pleasure to visit!

After We got back from our outing Sue helped me get started on my Alpha Boo, I learned how to actually read the pattern and got a quick lesson in increasing and decreasing and upon parting she left me with instructions that she wanted to see some bat wings!

I'm really excited about this little guy so stay tuned !

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  1. Thanks for the info on Nomad Yarns... That is literally less than two miles from my front door.