Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pancakes, Bats, Ribbing and Lots of Help!

My morning started off with breakfast with my friend Sue at The Original Pancake House. I had half a stack of blueberry Pancakes and enjoyed some great knitting conversation! Sue is an AWESOME knitter you can see some of her work on Ravelry: MrsZoom

Sue's knitting is amazing! She also does some fun little critters as well, I love Boo the Bat, isnt he the cutest!?!  She brought him along to breakfast because she knew I liked him and it was so awesome to see him in person!!! He can even fold his wings in tight when he needs a nap hahah!

We are planing on attending The Greencastle Fiber Fair next weekend! I'm really excited about that, Sue tells me there will be lots to see :) I'm going to try not to come home with an Alpaca!

Next I was off to Broad Ripple Knits and looking forward to it because today is the day I will start my first hat! I've been waiting all week for this and spent all night practicing my purl stitching, I was sure I was ready to knock this hat out!!!

Karin helped me get started and explained what I needed to do. It became clear, very fast, that I might be in over my head, haha, but I pushed on! It was a lot tougher than I had anticipated!!

The great thing about BRK is there are so many great people there ready to lend a hand and get you through what your doing its just a super fun experience!

This is the begining of my hat! I just finished casting on 98 stitches and I'm and off and running! I'm making this hat for my son Maxx, his favorite color is red!

I quickly found out that doing the ribbing was a little slow going and required a tremendous amount of focus and concentration, undaunted i pushed forward.

I was fortunate to have all the support at BRK to help because I sure needed it, Karin was great and keep me sorted out, Im looking forward to when this will become second nature, but for now every stitch is wonderfully challenging!

One of the great things about BRK is there are so many people willing to lend a hand when you get into trouble! Here I am with Suzie who kept a watchful eye on my progress! Thanks so much Suzie for all your help today! Also not pictured, I wanted to thank Karin, Jane and Rebecca!

Looking forward to working on this, watching it take shape and eventually turning into a real hat!

That's all my knitting news to report today, Im off for a run to relax my brain from counting stitches! This has been a wonderful Saturday! Thanks everybody!

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