Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hats and Bats

 Today I enjoyed reading through Hat Heads a book I've been waiting for that arrived yesterday!

This book is really fun and if your interested in knitting hats I highly recommend it!

The story is great and the photos are very well done. Its a pleasure to read about KnitKids love of hats! If you like hats and your curious about knitting this is the book for you!

Im also looking forward to making several of the hats in the book. The patterns seem easy to follow as is the rest of the instruction in the book.

Be sure to stop by Trond Anfinnsen, aka Knitkid website and learn more about him and his book!

I also worked on Alpha Boo, it was fun, it was the first time I've followed a pattern and had to do increases and decreases. The most frustrating thing at first was I had switched from gray to black for the wings since my LYS was out of gray. Working with the black yarn was tough at first because it was so hard to see what i was doing! Eventually after ripping it all out and starting over after getting hopelessly lost, my second go of it worked out just fine. Now I got a left wing done!  :)

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