Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First FO!!!

Thats right everyone today I wrapped up My First Project a Scarf! I've got my first Finished Object!!!

So yep today was another awesome first for me and it was very exciting wrapping it up off the needles and weaving in the ends. Thanks a bunch to Alison at BRK for helping with that!

I learned a lot while working on this first scarf and am looking forward to many, many more to come!

And speaking of more, today I also started a scarf for a co-worker who got me some yarn and asked if I would make him a scarf, well of course I said YES! Now Jose's Scarf is in the works! Yep that's right one three colored scarf coming up :)

Jose does all the driving for me at work and that gives me lots of time to focus on knitting on long out of town trips, also when we are out of town and finished for the day he is kind enough to drop me off at LYS's and wait for me while I go inside and explore. I'm very glad I can have this on my list of things to knit!

I finished out my day working on Maxx's hat I finally finished the ribbing and now I'm off and running, err.. knitting rather lol! I was sure glad to get that ribbing done, but Im comfortable with it now and it wasn't as tough as when I started it for the first time last Saturday lol :)

I am super excited about the hat, I love hats and am really looking forward to spending a lot of time learning all I can about them!

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