Saturday, April 23, 2011

Almost finished!

I had another great afternoon at BRK sitting and knitting with a bunch of awesome people today!

What fun it was to see everyone's progress on their different projects and hear all the great ideas for projects to come.

I also finished of the body of Maxx's Hat, and then began decreasing after I got home this evening. It's lookin like a hat!!!

I'm not sure if the decreasing is going exactly as the pattern calls for but since this is my first time doing a hat I'll see how it turns out and chalk it up to "design improvements" :) Hey I'm a designer now hahahahha!

Got some yarn for a few projects I'm looking forward to starting. I'm going to work on the Sampler Sweater in The Sweater Workshop book by Jacqueline Fee and also start a new basic hat from Hat Heads. More on these projects once I cast em on !


  1. I'm in love with this sweater...

  2. Yep that is an awesome sweater!

  3. In fact I bet you'll make it sooner than you think!