Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Had a lazy Sunday, spent sometime working on my Super Scarf, switched up the stitch pattern to a basket weave, that is a little more fun :) I seem to have not been giving this project much attention so I really want to just go ahead and wrap it up this week :)

I also would up some yarn for my friend Said's Hat which I will start tomorrow. Im heading out of town for a few days and its a five hour drive one way so thats ten hours knitting time woohoo! Since Said is doing the driving the least I can do is make him a hat :)

Going to also use some of that time to finish off Jose's Scarf, I'll be glad to finish that because I hate the yarn. Never ever want to use cheap acrylic yarn again! Not being a woolie snob just saying...

Umm NO that's not a hole! It's a umm... nothing to see here move along please :)

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