Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sock Tips!

My First Sock is coming along nicely! Especially after meeting up with my friend Katrina today who just happens to be a sock knitting expert and shared some tips with me!

After Katrina's wonderful advice I feel ready to tackle this sock!

Thanks so much to her for taking time to meet me today at an incredibly freezing Starbucks! I love KIP and it was fun getting the guy at the next table to snap our picture lol.

My first order of business is to get this sock off these long needles and onto some short ones.  I think going from 7.5 inch to 5 inch needles is going to make this process a little more manageable.

After I left Starbucks I made a quick dash to the closest LYS and was able to get some 5 inch #3's so the next photo you see of this sock will be on its new needles :)

Looking forward to tomorrows Indy Pub Knitters Meetup so be sure to check back tomorrow!

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