Friday, May 20, 2011

My First Sock!

Wooohooo I did it, I cast on My First Sock today!!!

I've been waiting for a while for the perfect moment and when that never came aong I decided to cast on this project on the way home from Southern Illinois University today. I thought to myself, well heck I've got five hours drive time and I'm getting tired of knitting on Jose's Scarf, so lets do it!

Well several hours later after a few rip-outs and start overs, I think I'm on my way to knitting my first sock!

It was very windy and Jose had the van all over the road hitting every bump, pothole and such he came across and finally I just was so jumbled I had to call it a day for knitting! Its really tough tryin to knit something new in a van swerving all over the road hahaha

Anyway once I made it back to Indy, I stopped into my LYS and had a relaxing hour or so working on my Sockhead Hat, now all is right with the world and Im going to give this darn sock another go, after a nice long warm shower and a Monster Zero, Friday night here I come !!!

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