Saturday, June 25, 2011

Squeeze in..

When I got to the LYS today the table was full! Luckily my friend Susie let me squeeze in beside her and pull out my knitting!

After being out of town all week it was just wonderful to walk into my favorite LYS Broad Ripple Knits and be greeted with all things fiber and beyond, in fact the first thing I got hit with was a few theories about the season finale of The Killing! Arggg what a crazy show that was, Im feeling very unfulfilled with that one but strangely cant wait for season two!!!

I was able to get started on the decreasing phase of Said's Hat! I might just finish that this weekend if I can settle down a bit. They were also right in the middle of a super summer sale 30-50% off summer yarns!! I only picked up one item but its a small notion case I've been waiting for and was very happy to get.

Lots to do before I head out of town again next week so I'm going to scram for now, but I am looking forward to about 5 hours uninterrupted knitting time each way to detroit and back!!

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